Does an LXP replace an LMS? Do you need an LXP with a LMS? What is the difference between the two? What if I don't have a LMS? What if I do have an LMS?

We hear these sorts of questions all the time, so this straight-talking, interactive webinar answers them all.

Join Mark Ward, Co-Founder of THRIVE, and Nate Rowlan, Training and Development Manager at Scott Credit Union, as they show you what these acronyms really mean for your organization, your learners, and the future of L&D. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to take a step back from the industry jargon and cut through the noise to find the best solution to your problem 
  • The real relationship between LMS and LXP 
  • Tips to utilize everyday technology to drive a learning culture.

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Meet the Panelists!


Mark Ward, Co-Founder THRIVE

THRIVE co-founder, Mark Ward, leads the vision for THRIVE’s learning experience platform, driving continuous innovation and ongoing feature development. In his 10 years of pioneering learning technology, Mark’s helped the likes of Sky, Vitality, and Essentra create a real culture of always-on learning.


Nate Rowlan, Training & Development Manager, Scott Credit Union

Nate Rowlan is a passionate, creative, and results-driven learning & development leader with 10+ years of experience in designing engaging learning experiences, shaping organizational culture, developing leaders, and leveraging L&D know-how to increase customer success.