How L&D has helped power growth at Huel

The 7th fastest growing private company in the UK, Huel is a forward-thinking complete food provider with innovation at the heart of their business. And their modern approach to L&D is no different.

We teamed up with Vicki Bacon, People Manager at Huel to share her insights on why L&D should start thinking more like marketers, how to engage learners and the steps to get started. 

Watch the recording to explore:

  • How to plan ahead and approach learning campaigns 
  • What employees really want from learning
  • Ways to adopt Huel’s modern L&D approach

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Vicki Bacon, People Manager at Huel

Vicki leads the Learning and Development offering at Huel. Learning from each other and sharing knowledge is key to how the Hueligans become better than yesterday, and Huel Learn supports this with it’s handy campaign features and learning pathways. Making learning on-demand from anywhere in the world possible.