Learning Experience Platform

Evolving the LMS with an emphasis on learner experience, consumer-grade interactions and personalised outcomes. 
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Everything you need to change learning cultures

User-generated content
Curate web content, share your own and promote learning and knowledge sharing between employees.
Deliver unique experiences for every learner based on behaviour and more, without lifting a finger.
Fostering collaboration
Through social learning and rewards and recognition, learners can connect, collaborate and contribute.
Enhanced analytics
Discover more about what your people want and need and how they interact to improve and iterate over time.

Explore this next-gen LMS' features

Ten LXP features you just can't compromise on

Better supporting and engaging learners

Connecting people to people and forging stronger interpersonal relationships in the workplace, all whilst promoting learning.

Key features 


Improved LX

Sleek, stylish UI mimics modern platforms for better experiences.

Mobile app 

Get learning at the point of need, on any device needed.

Social learning

Interact, follow, communicate and share. Keep learning alive.

A best of breed platform

Track learning, support SCORM, organise events
Comment, like, follow, share. Connect with people.
Consumer-grade experiences meet modern learner expectations

Our users love it 

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“Truly so happy to have a platform for us to all share and connect globally.”
Nicola Kilner, CEO
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“Loving the platform! Cannot wait to get creative and engage with our team globally.”
Happy learner

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10 LXP features you just can't compromise on

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