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Learning Experience Platform - 10 features you can't live without


How does an LXP compare to an LMS?

Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Going beyond buzzwords, we've broken down the newest learning platform, the Learning Experience Platform, and surfaced what we think are the ten most important features of an LXP. If it doesn't have these, it's probably not going to make a difference to your learning culture.

Download this free guide to get to grips with the future of learning.

Curious how a learning experience platform differs from a lms?

This detailed guide will explain:

  • The key, essential features of any real LXP
  • How these features better engage learners
  • Why these features improve productivity and make the most of the time of admins
  • Where it best used and why learners love it

If your learning culture is stagnant or less than modern, your employees are likely to be distracted, detached and disconnected. Learn how something like a LXP could help to better connect people to people and people to content in your business.

Josh Bersin
"The LXP is the learning delivery platform of the future, and the level of investment in that platform is growing exponentially. Will the LXP market replace the $4 Billion+ LMS market? I think this is starting to happen..."

Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst