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IS your lms just not cutting it anymore? 

The corporate learning landscape has evolved. Employees expectations have changed. And there's a huge disparity between everyday experiences and those at work. So, if your more traditional LMS isn't cutting it anymore, it’s time to explore something new... 
It's time to upgrade to an LXP. 

And embarking on a migration is effortless when you use our free, cutting-edge Totara LMS converter tool. Built in-house to ensure a simple and safe migration process, we'll do all the heavy lifting for you. Just complete the form and speak to an expert about how to get started and take advantage of this great tool. 

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As a company, we've implemented over 300 learning management systems. Yep, we really know our stuff.

Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer & Product Officer at Thrive


Danielle has spent her career helping organisations to adopt new approaches to learning technology,

Having worked in the learn tech industry for 10 years, Dani has extensive experience working both in internal L&D and helping to push the envelope at leading businesses such as Kineo, Fuse and now Thrive Learning. 

Josh Devanny, Head of Sales at Thrive

Untitled design (8)For over 5 years Josh has worked with organisations to help them transform their workplace learning and communications through technology.

During his time in the elearning industry Josh has worked with brands such as InterContinental Hotels, Spotify, AstraZeneca, ISG and more helping them evolve their learning and development strategy.

Now joining THRIVE, he'll be at the forefront of helping new clients drive more effective employee engagement through social learning, personalisation, automation and more.