What it takes to engage a next-generation workforce

Social platforms like TikTok are ticking all the boxes for compelling content gen z actually want to consume. So, how can your learning content compete for their time? 

We teamed up with Dean Capehorn, Learning Technologies Manager at Nando’s, to share how you can harness content to grab your modern learners attention and keep it, as well as:  

  • Tips to create a learning content strategy set to go viral 
  • What features to look out for when curating great learning content 
  • How to embed new content in your training offering

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Dean Capehorn, Learning Technologies Manager at Nando's

Nando's is the restaurant chain we all know and love operating in over 1,200 outlets in 35 countries. Having been in the learning team there for over 6 years, Dean is passionate about arming people with the skills and knowledge that enables them to reach their full potential both inside and outside of work.