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We love this content, in fact we still find it as insightful, brilliant and hilarious as when we first created it. But times have changed and we are more mature, with more features and client problems solved than ever. So we have evolved into a Learning and Skills Platform, to more accurately reflect all of the new features, but don't worry we have kept all of the original THRIVE magic!



How to Transform culture and communication


Looking to transform the communication culture in your organisation? From procurement to launch, Nicola, CEO of global skincare brand, Deciem, shares her first 6 months with a Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Download this free, online webinar recording to learn first-hand tips on how to:

  • Effectively bring people together across the globe using an online community 
  • Support and drive a self-directed learning culture
  • Affect cultural change by leveraging user-generated content to learn, connect and recognise employees



Nicola Kilner, Co-founder & CEO at Deciem

Deciem FeedbackNK

CEW Achiever Award winner, Nicola, has grown DECIEM, parent company of popular ‘the ordinary’ range, from $0 to $300 million in just five years. As CEO, Nicola has driven a phenomenal career trajectory, ascending from grassroots in retail stores a mere decade ago.

Danielle Hamilton, Chief Customer & Product Officer at Thrive

DaniHamiltonDanielle has spent her career helping organisations to adopt new approaches to learning technology, focusing on improving employee collaboration, communication and culture.

Having worked in the learn tech industry for 10 years, Dani has extensive experience working both in internal L&D and helping to push the envelope at leading businesses such as Kineo, Fuse and now Thrive Learning.

She spearheads the roadmap vision for the Thrive Learning Experience Platform, helping clients drive more effective employee engagement through social learning, personalisation, machine learning and more.