Working collaboratively online

 These tools and tricks will help you to work more productively as a team when using digital services and working remotely from each other.
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Preventing the spread of viruses

In light of recent coronavirus developments it's important now more than ever to keep germs from spreading. Here's some quick methods to protect yourself and others. 
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Think you know your way around instant messaging? This module will take you through the correct etiquette, how to build virtual relationships and how to stay connected.
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Using email effectively

Emails remain one of the most common forms of communication at work. We share when to send an email and how to make best use of your inbox.

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Self-care isn't just yoga and bath bombs. It’s an important part of keeping your mental wellbeing in good shape. Here are little ways to weave self-care into your day working from home.

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Our time is precious, but there never seems to be enough of it. This module covers productivity basics and how you can get more done in less time.
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Working from home checklist

Working from home is a dream for some, a nightmare for others. This checklist will help you prepare for a new way of working to make the whole thing feel less daunting.

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sleeve sneeze


A little video to help you spread the word and not the germs! Share this with your teams and keep the sneezing to yourself.

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Managing teams at home

Managing a team you can’t see can feel daunting. But here are some tips and tricks to make life easier for you and your team while you’re working remotely.

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