“No one else is tackling skills like THRIVE are.” 

- Jenny Muhlwa, Group Head of Learning and Development at The Sumo Group

What is Agile Skills?

Skills are changing at pace and businesses are in a race to keep up. But the gap keeps widening, so much so that 58% of today’s workforce will need new skills to do their jobs successfully by 2030.

So, what are you doing to keep up with evolving skills? And how are you gathering the intel you need to plug the skills gap within your organisation?

Creating an upskilling strategy isn’t straightforward, and there are so many frameworks out there to influence your approach.

Let us help you cut through the noise. 📣

This ebook takes you through time, identifying the differences between competency frameworks, skills ontologies and what we call an agile skills strategy. As well as the reasons why it’s time to stop tackling skills from the top-down and start from the ground up instead.

Download your free copy today and learn: 

  • What the future skills look like for modern businesses
  • Why it’s time to evolve from outdated Competency Frameworks 
  • Differences between key upskilling strategies
  • Practical advice to get started with an agile skills strategy


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