Supercharge the effectiveness of your learning content

Content shock is a very real thing. We’re faced with so much ‘stuff’ we can no longer consume it all effectively. And we know content is only effective if it’s meaningful, useful and delivered in a way that’s truly engaging and on point. 

So, We teamed up with James Barton,  Digital Learning & Design Manager at Royal Mail to host this webinar to share ways to maximise the effectiveness of your learning content and follow a sustainable content approach. Sign up to learn:

  • What is sustainable content and why it matters
  • How to map out a sustainable content strategy
  • Why quality over quantity counts

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James Barton, Digital Learning & Design Manager

James has been leading the group learning design team at Royal Mail for over 9 years and is responsible for designing all classroom, digital, blended and social learning for over 160,000 of their people.

He also introduced virtual technology and flipped their standard classroom offering as well as developing the team to an "in-house" full scale video production.